100% every time. We source only last seasons grain from Italy, and we extrude daily to order i.e. order Tuesday, your pasta will be made on Wednesday for delivery later that day.

Only 3 ingredients, premium Italian Semolina & Tipo ‘00” flours, pure Australian egg yolk (no whites) & a splash of Brisbane’s finest H20

For restaurants and venues, if kept refrigerated our pasta will last 5-7 days from the day of delivery. Our retail products will last 2+ weeks, please refer to use by dates on packages.

Yes absolutely, we deliver around Brisbane independently and we use a registered refrigerated courier service for outer Brisbane deliveries.

Yes, in some instances and when requested, generally fresh is always best though some pasta products are suitable to freezing. The ones that are not, we do not offer in a frozen format.

7 days from date of invoice.


All pasta products are delivered in 5kg boxes (one box min order, we offer free delivery on orders over $150.00 & within 7km of our kitchen in Fortitude Valley. Delivery charges are passed on at cost & for larger orders delivery fees may be waived.

Our pasta fresca (extruded fresh egg pasta) come standard in 5kg boxes and pre-portioned to 120-130gm individual portions, this is completely customizable depending on the needs of your venue. We offer many shapes & cuts of pasta lunga (long pasta) as well as pasta corta (short pasta).

We have a vast range of pasta ripiena (filled pasta) and we can also customize fillings to suit your menu. We offer pasta ripiena fatto a mano (hand filled & shaped) for venues seeking something truly artisan.

Our fresh gnocchi is delivered in 5kg boxes and can be delivered fresh or ‘fresh frozen’. We use only premium salt-baked potatoes, Italian flour & egg yolk in our gnocchi. There are no binding agents or preservatives.

We offer all pasta fresca & some gnocchi variations as vegan options.

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